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Welcome to The Water Tap, a regular update on Southwestern Utah "At least in Nevada it came with a mix of rate changes and sales tax and also some other federal funding mechanisms that have helped to do that. Those are options available to Washington County." Another complaint common among water-conscious locals is that residents of southwestern Utah should recognize the realities of the dry climate where they have chosen to live, just as cities like San Antonio, Las Vegas and Phoenix have done. “The word 'conservation' came from 'conservative', but [Utah] doesn’t seem to be serious about water conservation in the arid desert west," said Richard Spotts, a former planning and environmental coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management's Arizona Strip District Office who lives in St. George. “There’s tons of stuff out there about what’s been working in Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson. Vegas has dramatically turned around their demand. They have been growing rapidly but have reduced their water use. They’re taking water conservation seriously." As Richter's team outlined in their study, counties across the west are grappling with trying to secure reliable water for their ever-growing populations, url with mixed success. Many create water conservancy districts specifically tasked with figuring out where the county will get its water 50 years from now. The obstacles these districts are up against include not only an increased demand from a rising populace but also the drying effects of climate change, which has led to unprecedented low levels in the west's two major reservoirs as well as reduced stream inflow from headwaters regions into the Colorado River, on which more than 40 million people depend. More: The Water Tap: New study finds climate change will dry Colorado River even more than previously thought But the study findings also offer hope. By following the lead of successful water-conserving initiatives like long-standing home appliance rebate programs in San Antonio and residential turf replacement rebate programs in Las Vegas, desert homeowners are empowered to step up and help secure their own water futures.

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