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“These two new investments particularly interested Alliant because of the crushing need for affordable housing in the Northern California market, where properties with affordable rents are full with lengthy wait lists. Furthermore, Alliant was very interested in the net-zero energy design, where PV solar panel systems combine with state-of-the-art thermal energy storage systems so that the need to connect to funny post the energy grid system is limited.” Kawana Springs is a new construction development of approximately 150 multifamily affordable housing units in Santa Rosa, Calif. The community will serve families earning less than 60 percent of Area Median Income (AMI). An all-electric, net-zero community, Kawana Springs is designed to achieve LEED Platinum status. It will feature a PV solar panel system and a thermal energy storage system, and will connect to the electrical grid only when needed. The community will also take part in the Department of Energy (DOE) WaterSense program to reduce overall water consumption by incorporating water-saving features and water-conscious landscape.  Residents will benefit from support services that include adult education programs, health and wellness, skills-building classes, financial literacy and computer training. Featuring 202 new-construction LIHTC units, The Atchison is situated in Pittsburg, Calif. The construction timeline will span a 22-month period, concluding in October 2022. The development will feature 20 efficiency units, 122 one-bedroom-one-bath units, and 60 two-bedroom-one-bath units.